Invisible Wounds Service PTSD Awareness Day – Last Friday in May

Western Australians will observe ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day’ annually on the last Friday of May, after a motion from WA Labor was supported in the WA Parliament. A motion was introduced into Parliament last week, by WA Labor’s spokesperson for Veterans’ Issues Peter Watson. Yesterday it won the support of the WA Parliament.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder that affects many Western Australians who have experienced a traumatic event. It is particularly prevalent among current and former defence veterans, police officers, ambulance officers and emergency services personnel.  This has been a great victory for PTSD sufferers and their families, who have campaigned for a designated day to raise awareness of PTSD for some time.  We hope this recognition will go some way to removing some of the negative stigmas associated with PTSD.  I congratulate the Partners of Veterans Association of WA and other affected groups for their tireless efforts and Peter Watson for driving this cause in the Parliament..”

– Mark McGowan | Leader of the Opposition, WA Parliament


As you can see from the above Media Release we did it!!! We sent letters to every Western Australia member of the State and Federal governments and lobbied to have a special day put aside in this State for the Awareness of PTSD.

The WA Labor Minister for Albany (Mr Peter Watson) put forward a Private Members Motion to have the day designated in Parliament. It took a couple of weeks of debate and on the 9th of April it was voted to have the last day in May observed as PTSD Awareness Day in Western Australia. This was a unanimous bi-partisan agreement.

Six members went into the chambers of the Legislative Assembly at the invitation of Mr Peter Watson and we sat while the issue was debated. It was adjourned while there was some discussion about the day to be decided. Then on the 9th we received a phone call to say that it was back in the House and was being debated and voted on. We sat at watching procedures on the internet and cheered when the vote was given.

We would like to thank everyone for their help and assistance in getting this Awareness Day passed.



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