Warning Signs of a Problem with Insomnia

Tick all the signs that are familiar

  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Waking up too early at the end of a sleep period
  • Difficulty getting back to sleep after waking
  • Feeling worried, annoyed, frustrated, anxious or angry at bedtime or while lying in bed trying to go to sleep
  • Racing thought when trying to go to sleep or when waking in the nightcup of tea
  • Feeling physically or mentally tired during the day
  • Your sleep has been disturbed for 3 or more days per week for at least a month
  • Sleep disturbance is causing you significant personal distress or interferes with your social life or ability to work
  • Poor quality sleep (not waking feeling refreshed despite having been asleep for a reasonable time)
  • You’re very concerned about your lack of sleep
  • Spending excessive time in bed and experiencing sleep broken by frequent awakenings
  • Falling asleep early each evening (before 9pm), waking very early and being unable to return to sleep

If some of these signs are familiar and poor sleep is affecting your life-

Take action – Arrange to speak to a doctor – Why speak to a doctor???

Restoring a normal pattern of sleep usually requires little more than the use of some simple guidelines and strategies. But because there are many factors that can contribute to insomnia, requiring medical diagnosis, treatment, or referral, it is important to speak to a doctor. These include:

  • Medical disorders associated with insomnia
  • Mental disorders associated with insomnia
  • Prescription medicines
  • Use of non-prescription medicines
  • Sleep disorder associated with malfunctioning body organs



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