Gifts and Donations

Partners of Veterans Association Western Australia Inc is a not for profit organisation dedicated to offering support through each other and similar organisations to our members. Whether that is through our Circle of Friends, Daisy Chain Newsletter, website, and functions or events promoting health and wellbeing. Partners of Veterans Association Western Australia Inc endeavours to offer more practical assistance by way of educating members, promoting issues faced by the partners and families of veterans, offering support, or making connections to those who can help.

Donations are used to support the programs and initiatives available to our members. Plus enabling us to continue our events, functions, and seminars that allow our members to seek refuge with friends old and new that understand the situations we each live in. With your help we can continue to support those whose lives are shaped by events outside of their control.

Celebrate with a gift…

Why not donate and celebrate your birthday, wedding, or anniversary? It has become popular with people to ask their friends and family for a donation towards their favourite not for profit group and Partners of Veterans Association Western Australia Inc is one of those. So if you are wanting to do something special, help someone in need, or you just want to do something different why not ask your friends and family to celebrate with you by donating to Partners of Veterans Association Western Australia Inc and help others in need.

Or perhaps you are looking for a meaningful way to honour the passing of loved one and to celebrate their life. A memorial gift to Partners of Veterans Association Western Australia Inc can be especially meaningful for someone who served in the defence force as it contributes to helping their fellow comrades and their families.

If you would like further information about donations please contact our office.
Your donation is fully tax-deductable (for donations over AU $2) and contributes to the continued support to our members and their families.

Donations can be made by:

Cheque or Money Order (post to our PO Box)

Direct Payment/Bank Transfer

BSB: 036062

Account: 306050

Account Name: Partners of Veterans WA

Please include your name to identify you payment

Credit Card (call our office to arrange payment)


All donations are greatly appreciated.