Welfare and Advocacy

Welfare assistance covers a variety of services, including payments and vouchers for bills, food, education, transport, housing, funerals, and even home and hospital visits. Advocates also assist with advocacy, counselling, pension applications, DVA claims, and referrals to other services as required.

We refer our members to Advocate Jude Firth who is a qualified level 2 Military Welfare Advocate and level 3 Military Compensation Advocate and TIP Advocate. At these levels Jude is able to take your case to the Veterans Review Board if required. Jude has ??? years of experience as an Advocate, is the Vice President of Partners of Veterans WA Inc, and a partner of a veteran herself. Jude comes highly recommended by those veterans who have used her services for their own welfare requirements.

All applications are treated with the highest confidence and privacy allowing you to trust in the Advocate and the services they connect you with. To provide you with a safe, friendly, and personal service Jude can meet you at a location that you are comfortable with such as your home.

Veterans from all conflicts are assisted, including, but not limited to:

  • World War II
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Iraq
  • Gulf War
  • Afghanistan
  • Overseas service personnel including New Zealand and Great Britain.

Contact Jude on 0439 691 832 or email judefirth4@gmail.com for further information or to book a meeting.